I keep reading differing meanings if the word ‘antifa’. (See the title!)

Is there someone out there in Twitter or Facebook land that can give me a definitive answer on which it means? Fascists would be against the first amendment because it gives us freedom of speech, freedom to worship how we want – or not worship at all, and various other rights. Anti-fascist is obviously what every right-thinking person should be, whether in America or anywhere else and is pro-1st Amendment because of the rights.

So, please! Someone decide then we can know whether ‘antifa’ is good or bad! Thank you.

Summer flowers, 2017

About Candy

I am 74, was a teacher, then a dealer in antiques and collectables. When I retired to the seaside I started website selling antique and vintage games and wooden jigsaw puzzles. Now, I'm spending my time blogging, gardening and making oil paintings.
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